WYSIWYG: What You(ngs) See Is What You Get

What You(ngs) See Is What You Get (Oct. 2011 - Jul. 2012)

WYSIWYG is Rosenblum Collection's next exhibition taking the opposite standpoint of "Born in Dystopia". The narrative approach of the later will be substituted by pure sensibility, subjectitvity and personal experience in front of Abstract Art.

The visitors will be confronted with the idea of "Art as Art". Hence, the expressionism composing the first exhibition "Born in Dystopia" is being replaced by ones inner feelings and the  meaning that makes possible the emergence of a great Monumental Art.

WYSIWYG is a journey gathering abstract art pieces from young artists -the You(ngs)- who will oscillate from Minimalism works from Jacob Kassay to Maximalism pieces by Sterling Ruby. The exhibition will present experienced artists such Christopher Wool and Wade guyton as well as younger international emerging artists like Aaron Curry, Andrew Dadson, Tamar Halpern, Nick Oberthaler and many others.