Barbara Kruger

Barbara Kruger

Born in 1945 in Newark, New York, USA. Live and works in New York and Los Angeles, USA.

Following graphic design and advertising training, and after a dozen years in Condé Nast printed media (Vogue, Mademoiselle), Barbara Kruger embarked upon an important career as an artist and is recognised internationally. Since the1980s, her work has explored the image of women and their stereotypes in society, through the relationship of the image with media produced text.

I Shop Therefore I Am

Your Body Is a Battleground

You Are Not Yourself

Your Comfort Is My Silence

Don’t Be a Jerk

These intimidating and striking white statements on red or black backgrounds are always written with the same font: Futura bold oblique, and they contrast with black and white or duotone photographs: facial expressions, body language, etcetera, derived from advertising images. Her powerful photomontages are designed for various supports: posters, tee-shirts, plastic bags, and interventions in public areas, to shift the immediacy of the advertising language towards a conceptual vision of art which invites questions. The necessity of the condemnation of women towards men thereby creeps in between the opposition of the pronouns “we” and “you”. Beyond a feminist criticism of the media and consumer society, depictions of power are targeted. Political, this major work invites us to question the pressure that society imposes upon all sexual, social, or racial minorities.