Over the past six years, the internet and more specifically the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) have completely changed the way people interact with each other.

The term “friend” doesn’t necessarily entail a long-term relationship; it can apply to a “connection” between two individuals, and even to a “virtual connection”. The network that emerges from all of these connections constitutes a “social network of friends” that can continue to grow with multiple online interactions.

Drawing from what’s going on throughout the world on the internet, our project consists in facilitating the development of a social network in which the artists whose works we collect act as the connectors between all our friends.

In this space, Chiara and I will exclusively display works from the artists who’ve made it into our collection: our friends will provide additional works from these artists to complete the exhibitions. However, we have sworn not to ask for any loans from other galleries and institutional collections.