Dear Friends,

Welcome to the "Rosenblum Collection & Friends" art social network.

We have decided to support contemporary artists through our commitment in opening our Collection to the public with our own approach of the world deeply influenced by the social networking trend of the twenty first century. It is the reason why the concept of our Collection is based on the informal network created around several connections for which the artist is the most important one. In this fashion a network of “Friends” is organically developing around the support of the artists that we are collecting. The Friends complete the exhibition with pieces we chose from their collection.

The concept is translated in the name and identity of our logo:

One of our Missions is to support the artists by providing them an exposure to the public in a way that is different than an institution or a gallery. We want to provide some “keys” to the public to understand the ideas that prevailed before the formal execution of the piece of art.

To do so, we have created a living room in the Collection space, with a library, sofas, a dinner table, computers, a television and a sound system.

The contents of the library will reflect our wish to provide our visitors with the “Keys”.

It is for this reason that we solicit the precious help of the artists we collect to compose their part of the library by providing the following list of items or the items themselves at their convenience.

  • A list of books that have been instrumental in the constitution of their personality. It can be any book or comic or even magazine, article, webpage, …
  • A list of movies that have been instrumental in the constitution of their personality. It can be any movie or cartoon or documentary.
  • A list of music that has been instrumental in the constitution of their personality.
  • Anything the artists have in mind that would be of interest to the public.

As friends are totally committted to our Collection, opening our public space without a kids' area would not have satisfied Chiara and me. Family is part of our core values. The children’s education influenced by the sensitivity and humanity of the art world is a marvelous lever to prepare the new generations to the multi-cultural and open world we wish to expose them to. We have asked the artists to contribute to the kid’s area.

We hope that you will enjoy this new journey with us. We are deeply grateful for your contribution to our project.

We are delighted to invite you and your friends to come and visit our Collection in Paris. We ask you to register by choosing the day and time you would like to come. An agenda is available to book online your visit.

See you soon

Chiara & Steve Rosenblum & our Friends

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