Christoph B├╝chel

Born in 1966 in Basel, Switzerland. Lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

As a long-time art student in Basel, New York and Dusseldorf, Christoph Buchel acquired an internship at the renowned PS1 in Brooklyn and then collaborated with the equally subversive artist Gianni Motti at the Venice Biennale 2005. Ultra political, the monumental installation Dump made an impression at the Palais de Tokyo in 2008: beneath a huge dump, a claustrophobic and tiny maze led from one space to another, from one culture to another: Arabic, Asian Eastern European. A confined office is packed with archives; several obsolete household appliances blink in an insalubrious and cluttered salvage workshop; an incongruous Mickey hums the Internationale (the socialist anthem) in a party room.

Under the pretence of an acute collecting habit, the fruit of modern consumer obsessions, detritus, scrap, and a very miscellaneous accumulation denounces consumer society with the most unnerving hyperrealism to perfect both formal and existential views on the harmful effects of the globalisation of the contemporary world. Fully embracing politics, Christoph Buchel offers a far-reaching criticism of the capitalist system and its ins and outs: military strategy, the pornographic trade, religious extremism, illicit work, etcetera, and physically propels the audience into multiple catastrophic scenarios in the heart of a monumental.